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13th July 2024 
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Love Matters ~ Help building new paths when love hurts

About Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling gives you private, confidential help to understand more about what's troubling you right now. Together we identify what's preventing you from being the person you could be, relating to others and life challenges the way you want to. This sometimes means understanding more about how the past is continuing to influence you now in ways that are helpful and unhelpful. By making conscious choices about what learning from the past needs developing, updating or throwing in the bin you can change your present experience with others. I offer relationship work to individuals who want to develop or get unstuck, as well as with couples.

As a couples counsellor I work with a range of relationship issues and have helped many couples to recommit to their relationship and enjoy sharing their life together again. However, some differences and conflicts may not be resolvable. When this is the case, then working towards separation, without unnecessary hurt and prioritising the care of children, can be of enormous benefit.

I work integratively with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic and Systemic theories to help you achieve your goals. This allows me to tailor the help I give you to your individual needs. Short-term or long-term work is available to you depending on what changes you want to make in your life.

Love Matters
Help Building New Paths When Love Hurts
Counselling and Psychotherapy

About Psychotherapy

I offer Psychotherapy to individuals wanting to work on issues and make changes in their current life. Often difficult experiences from the past have an effect in the present that has become unhelpful and leaves someone feeling stuck. Psychotherapy can help make the changes people want in moving forward in their life. Psychotherapy may be time-limited or long-term.

I offer EMDR, a powerful, psychological therapy, as an option in therapy. EMDR has helped many people overcome trauma arising from experiences as diverse as war, childhood abuse or neglect, natural disaster, assault, road traffic accidents and workplace incidents. I have used EMDR to help many people with a number of conditions such as anxiety, obsessions, phobias, depression and chronic pain.

I am specialised in working with childhood trauma using EMDR, including early years experience. Early years trauma experienced before the age of 4 is not stored in the brain in the same way as other memories. However the body holds these experiences and the EMDR work to resolve this is working with what the body remembers.

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